Fine Art Painting Commission With Anna Rubin

Anna Rubin is pleased to accept fine art painting commissions by private and public art collectors, art museums, corporate organisations, hotels, investment funds and art syndicates.

However, her capacity each year is limited to 4 commissioned artworks as she is simultaneously painting her new oeuvre for her public exhibitions and art shows.

Commissioning a painting is a very important event in client’s life.

Creating something truly unique together with an accomplished Artist is a meaningful, luxury experience.

It means leaving a legacy for the whole world, not just for the generations of the family.

A fine art commission can symbolise the patron’s personal achievements, connection to loved ones, personal growth and sense of contribution to something bigger than themselves.

Motivation For Commissioning a Painting

“Seafood Lunch” is one of Anna’s first masterpieces

Clients have various motivations for a fine art painting commission. Some of these include…


  • A special occasion
  • Immortalising antique objects with meaning, family heirloom, family symbols
  • Gifts to children, spouse, relatives
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Honouring family roots, ancestors, achievements etc.
  • Recognition of peers
  • Matching/Complimenting another Anna Rubin artwork in your collection


  • Luxury interior ambience
  • Luxurious uplifting of the decor in the residence etc
  • Private home office
  • Home entrance statement piece

Social And Cultural:

  • Conversation point for social gatherings
  • Culturally significant dates or celebrations
  • Religious significant dates or celebrations (eg. Bar Mitzvah)


  • Diversifying/completing an existing art collection
  • Matching/Complimenting other artworks in your collection


  • Commercial events, achievements, gifts etc.
  • Recognition of an individual’s contribution to an organisation
  • Office fit-out to creating a luxurious, sophisticated environment (ie. Lobby, Waiting room, Boardroom, CEO’s Office)
  • Property development display home interior decoration for luxury homes, apartments, penthouses


  • Museum-commissioned artwork for public display (Themed collections on display)
  • Government office decoration
  • Recognition of an individual’s contribution to the city, state or country

The Process Of Commissioning a Painting With Anna Rubin

Initial Discussion

The theme, colour palette and size are agreed in accordance to client’s preferences and/or Anna’s concept suggestion.

The client can provide object(s) to be painted or the objects are suggested by Anna Rubin as commissioned artist.

All of the mentioned commission-elements are discussed initially and executed in accordance to the artist’s recognisable style and interpretation.

If a portrait of a living person is commissioned, a photo shoot (ca.30 minutes) and a few live sittings towards the completion of the commissioned artwork are required.

If the commissioned portrait is to be painted from a photograph, such has to be chosen and given to the artist for the duration of the commissioned painting.


  • Portrait
  • Still Life
  • Conceptual Artwork (depiction of any objects without architectural/geometrical space composition in defined space)


  • Oil on Belgium Linen
  • All commissioned paintings will be executed in Anna Rubin hyper-realism art style applying her signature technique of painting in layers

The artwork is painted in gray-scale first, glazed with liquin and painted over multiple times with oils to achieve the three-dimensional effect of the artwork.


To create high quality fine art takes considerable time, just like everything of quality and value.

It depends on the size of the commissioned artwork as well as the details and number of subjects in the commissioned painting which will be discussed before the commencement of the fine art commission.

It could be anywhere from a few months up to a year.

Price Of Commissioned Artwork

The price of the fine art commission is established and agreed upon in the initial conversation with the client.

The price is set in accordance to the desired size, complexity of objects and detail required in painting the commissioned artwork.

50% of the agreed purchase price (non-refundable down payment) is paid at the time of the commission contract.

The work on the commissioned painting commences after this initial payment is made.

The remaining 50% is paid at completion and prior to handover of the commissioned artwork.

An appropriate tax invoice is issued from Anna Rubin as the commissioned artist with the confirmation of the full payment.

Framing, Delivery And Installation

The cost of framing, delivery and installation are separate from the fine art commission price.

The framing is extremely important for the proper presentation of the artwork. It is discussed and agreed between the artist and the client in the Commission Contract.

If applicable, the client takes financial responsibility for any framing, installation and delivery.

Professional framing is an investment in itself to match the level of quality of the artwork.

Anna can provide guidance on appropriate framing of your commissioned artwork.

Art Commission Contract

A contract is required to formalise the fine art commission and to ensure both parties are respected.

The contract includes all details discussed, such as subject matter, size and medium of the artwork, price, due dates for payments etc.

Client Journeys Of Commissioning Paintings With Anna Rubin

“MozArt’s Music Case”, Commissioned in 2009

Size:  40cm x 40cm, Oil on Belgium Linen
Frame: Large hand gilded outer, hand gilded small sloped inner on black and gold float frame.

Client’s Journey Leading To The Artwork Commission

The purpose of this artwork was to immortalise the memory of a kind, knowledgeable music teacher and the wonderful relationship he and the client had as a mentor over many years beyond the schooling.

A very personal piece of fine art had to be created; depicting the emotions through hyper-realism and old master’s technique of Anna Rubin.

For this commission the client supplied the centrepiece of the commissioned artwork; a very unique, antique leather music-case presented to him as a child by this very close, dear-to-the-client’s heart music teacher.

Anna’s Understanding And Analysis

The rest of the composition of the painting was up to Anna to decide upon; the client adored and trusted the ability of Anna to create a meaningful, attractive composition.

Anna understood the idea of the painting well as she too enjoyed 10 years of formal music education as a child in Moscow.

She knew how wonderful and challenging, sweet and sour in times the connection between the teacher and student can be.

Anna placed a few lemons into the composition symbolising the “taste” of inevitable frustration of learning to play music.

The lemons, with the beautiful, fresh green, cool hues of their skin offset the warm colour palette of the painting.

The painting also symbolises how the hardship of learning and practising is extremely rewarding for both parties in the pursuit of achieving true Art in musical performance.

Anna’s Creative Interpretation And Journey

She placed the Mozart partiteur from her own library of music and humorously emphasised the letter “A” in the middle of the master Mozart’s name.

This was done to imply the honourable status of anyone learning to play a musical instrument, however talented or just in love with music one is, however hard or easy it will be for one.

The honourable status of being a true Artist worthy of respect.

End Of The Journey

The Artwork was a wonderful joy to create as Anna builds a strong emotional connection to each of her masterpieces.

Through her own rich life experiences and vivid imagination, Anna makes the commissioned artwork part of her own journey, meaningful and poignant.

It becomes a joint piece of art connecting the client and the artist on a mission of leaving a legacy for centuries to come.

The artwork was completed within 3 months, including framing.

The reception of the completed artwork commission has been touching to tears and saturated by warm emotions.

The client was overcome with joy by the completed artwork commission, pleased beyond description with his very personal, unique fine art painting and Anna’s artistic execution.

He continues passionately collecting fine art of Anna’s and is proud to own several of Anna’s artworks from different series.

“Tea Party for Three”, Commissioned in 2012

Size:  50cm x 40cm, Oil on Belgium Linen
Frame:  Large hand gilded outer, hand gilded small sloped inner on black and gold float frame.

Client’s Journey Leading To The Artwork Commission

The client who commissioned the “Tea Party for Three” is a major Fine Art Collector in Australia. He and his wife have been loyal supporters of Anna Rubin’s fine art for several years.

They had purchased a lovely still-life painted by Anna previously and once the artwork was hung in their home it become apparent that the space needed a matching piece in the same size with similar theme.

The consideration in commissioning a matching artwork was enhanced by an upcoming family event, their wedding anniversary.

For the celebration of this significant family event the client decided to commission an artwork from Anna with several purposes.

He wished to thank his wife for the many years of love, loyalty and sacrifice she gifted him with bringing up 3 of their children and working with him side by side in the family’s business.

The immortalising and recognition of the amazing relationship between them, who went through ups and downs of life hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder making the commission extra meaningful and emotional for the client, his whole family and the artist.

The other purpose was to complete the beautiful luxury decoration of the family home, where only very special artworks of the client’s fine art collection were hung and seen by the family and friends visiting the residence.

Anna’s Understanding And Analysis

One of Anna’s skills as an artist is to connect objects in a commissioned artwork in a meaningful way for the client in order to symbolise the emotional purpose of the commissioned painting.

Using her life experiences, knowledge of all elements culture and collection of antiques, gentle sense of humour and endless creativity Anna is able to create an engaging commissioned artwork which is a point of conversation as well as a valuable treasure for the client’s family for generations to come.

Anna asked well-considered questions about the client’s passion for antiques, porcelain in particular, and found out, that the wife’s dowry included 17th century Fine China.

In addition, the client’s family had collected fine porcelain for many generations.

Having met and heard about the client’s children and their families, Anna suggested that the antique porcelain cups from the client’s collection and his wife’s dowry would be chosen for the composition of the commissioned artwork.

Anna’s Creative Interpretation And Journey

Anna used the three antique teacups to symbolise the now grown children with their different but at the same time so similar characters, with wonderful life values cultivated in them by their parents.

Their ground-giving impact and presence in the lives of each of the children is revered by the ancient books in the composition of this commissioned painting.

The tea party symbolises the incredible friendship and unity between the children in the family and honours the many generations of ancestors bequeathing each next one with antique treasures and invaluable artifacts.

End Of The Journey

This commissioned artwork in the pair with the client’s previously acquired painting is now a centrepiece in the client’s residence; enjoyed and admired by his children and grandchildren, cherished by his lovely wife, as well as adored by visiting friends.

Anna is told that her modern masterpiece is igniting many a wonderful conversations about the ancestors of the client’s family, fine art, antiques and curious stories of the family.

Anna completed this commissioned artwork within 3.5 months including framing. The client’s support of and investment into Anna Rubin’s art continues. It extends to over AU$120,000.

“Still Life with Apples”, Commissioned in 2014

Size:  85cm x 75cm, Oil on Belgium Linen
Frame:  Large hand gilded outer, hand gilded small sloped inner on black and gold float frame.

Client’s Journey Leading To The Artwork Commission

Collecting fine art for this particular client began a few years before meeting Anna.

His residence is beautifully decorated with carefully selected, bespoke artworks he has chosen for the family’s fine art collection.

Well-travelled and educated, with an inquisitive knowledge of fine art he became interested in Anna’s realism art, her elaborate old masters technique and timeless beauty of her artworks.

After acquiring an initial smaller painting of Anna’s, the client decided to commission a much larger painting as the centrepiece of the entertainment area in his luxury residence.

Planned to be hung above the fireplace, this artwork had to be seen from each corner of the specious floor.

Anna’s Understanding And Analysis

The client hadn’t settled on a subject matter for his commission or a colour pallet.

Anna was required to make a suggestion. She was invited to see the future home of the commissioned artwork to assess the size, the colours and the theme for the commission.

The residence was simply stunning, presenting a warm sophisticated interior and welcoming feeling for those privileged to visit the family home.

Once the interior for the commissioned artwork was sited, Anna knew just what to suggest.

She reviewed her vast collection of antiques and asked the client a few questions, which led her to making a creative conclusion as for what this incredible artwork should to be like, so that generations of this client’s family could enjoy having the artwork and cherish the memory of him for centuries to come.

Anna’s Creative Interpretation And Journey

The cool reflective silver, the neutral crisp-white table cloth along with the ancient Japanese ginger jar would reflect the sophistication and eclecticism of the client.

The fresh, bright apples are symbolising the client’s down-to-earth attitude and his natural ability to know and communicate his aspirations for the future.

The 3D effect of a 2D artwork is one of the specialities of Anna Rubin’s art. It is achieved by applying the technique of painting in multiple layers of glaze and oils.

End Of The Journey

This commissioned artwork is a centrepiece in the client’s residence. The delivery of the painting was a wonderful and emotional experience.

The commissioned masterpiece was hung immediately and is a point of conversation for visitors.

The manifold details of this painting encourage everyone who views this artwork to find more and more interesting references, focal points and minutiae.

The stunning interior of this client’s residence looks even more luxurious and impressive. He went on purchasing several more artworks by Anna to complete the entertainment area’s design in style and luxury.

Anna completed this commissioned artwork within 4,5 months including framing. Client’s support of and investment into Anna Rubin’s art continues. It extends to over AU$90,000.

“Per Ardua Ad Astra”, Commissioned in 2018

Size:  75cm x 85cm, Oil on Belgium Linen
Frame:  Large hand gilded outer, hand gilded small sloped inner on black and gold float frame.

Client’s Journey Leading To The Artwork Commission

This portrait was commissioned by the head of a large Law firm who admired Anna Rubin’s hyper-realism art for many years. Anna and this client knew each other from social and professional associations since 2004.

This client respected Anna’s intricate old masters technique and skilful execution of an artwork making each painting meaningful and witty, as well as giving it a very special, unique story with emotional relevance.

This motivated him to commission Anna Rubin with the first painting he acquired from her.

It had to be not less but a portrait of his late grandfather.

The grandfather was a WWII hero, an extremely skillful pilot. He survived the horrors of war and died tragically in front of his little daughter, the client’s mother.

There were multiple reasons to go to such extent and effort for this commission. The client’s mother was turning 70 years this year. The commission was to be gifted to her as a noble gesture to honour her father.

The second reason is not less important as the commissioned portrait was to be the symbol for the client’s new Law Firm. It had to be presented to his mother and the public at the launch of the client’s new business.

The corporate colours were chosen from the ribbon of the client’s Grandfathers Cross, also in honour of the memory of his family’s wonderful ancestry.

Besides wonderful stories about his Grandfather being passed on to him by his mother there was the “Cross” itself and a few small black and white images of his Grandfather on display.

During the client’s initial conversation with Anna, his sentiments and motivations were explained with strong emotion.

Anna’s Understanding And Analysis

It didn’t take Anna long time to connect with the idea of the commissioned portrait.

Her own grandfather was a WWII hero, a pilot, a rocket science engineer with the same life values of honour and nobility as the man Anna was commissioned to paint a portrait of.

Anna offered a concept of the commissioned painting to the client and he tearfully agreed.

The logos of the RAAF and the Bomber Unit were researched and put in the composition to emphasise the values and calling of the client’s grandfather.

The connection with that what the client himself was doing by helping people with his Law Firm’s services was perfect.

The client loved the connection Anna made between two generations of men in the family.

The depiction of the “Cross” with its ribbon was suggested to be placed in the corner of the commissioned portrait to strengthen the visual connection between the corporate colours of the Law Firm and the artwork as it was to hang in the entrance of the company’s headquarters.

Anna’s Creative Interpretation And Journey

The black and white photograph Anna chose was quite small in size. The face on the photograph was at least 50 times smaller than the size of it in the painting.

Anna Rubin’s technique of painting in layers was perfected by her using the principles of Caravaggio art “Darkness and Light” by execution of this challenging artwork.

The face was painted disappearing into the darkness of the background and the bright blue eyes were painted with a lot of detail, peering straight into the viewer’s eyes, following the person in the room as if to examine and confirm the statements of the life values depicted in the portrait:
Per Ardua Ad Astra!
Strick Hard, Stricke Sure!

End Of The Journey

There was not a dry eye in the 300 person crowded into the launch of the client’s Law Firm. His mother was called on the stage to unveil a mysterious picture on the easel.

His Mother, along with Anna were sobbing long after she met the eyes of her late father… so young, so handsome, and now immortalised.

Very emotional, with a standing ovation of the artwork made the night reverent and extremely special. Anna, her client and everyone in the room were impressed and proud to be a part of this amazing event.

It is sure, all participants won’t ever forget the launch night and the celebration of respect and honour.

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