An Introduction To Anna Rubin’s Painting Method Based On
Old Masters Technique

Stage 1

Anna’s method, based on Old Masters Technique commences with sketching the composition of the artwork directly on stretched Belgium linen.

The sketch includes as many details as possible and takes several days to complete.

It finally is varnished to preserve the sketch for the process of painting.

Stage 2

After this layer is dry, Anna paints the black and white image in oils.

She very carefully studies each object identifying the darkest darks and the lightest lights in the artwork.

Stage 3

Anna applies multiple glazes between detailing the image in colours and hues.

Layer upon layer the artwork gains the 3D effect; as well as the dramatic effect of light and dark, soft and sharp, the objects disappearing into mysterious shadows or bathed in bright light unveiling ever so intricate details and mesmerising reflections.

Stage 4

The method concludes with several final linseed oil glazes to unify the composition on Belgium Linen while using the texture of its waving which gives the objects in the artwork additional liveliness and structure.

Connecting With Each Painting

Anna’s modern masterpieces are also special because each of them beholds an exciting, emotional story.

This story connects the Artist, the artwork and the Patron in a very distinct way. The storytelling starts with creating the composition of the artwork.

It comes from the Artist’s heart and becomes a very personal story.

It goes a long way back to the objects of the realism painting, where they were made, why and by whom, as well as how and by whom those objects were acquired.

The details of the story are built layer upon layer just as the painting process itself.

Commissioning a painting allows a patron to play an even greater role in the story of a painting.

Anna creates her compositions by tying the stories of each object in the artwork into one beautiful story using colourful bows of her imagination and emotions.

Each owner of a painting continues to write that story and so it goes on from generation to generation.