Searching for fine art to add to your collection can be an extremely enjoyable and time consuming activity, and finding a fantastic professional to help you in your quest can offer a myriad of benefits.

Fine art consultants assist in developing a collection as they have networks of industry connections and professional art expertise. They can advise and source artwork to add hard-to-find, valuable and interesting pieces to an art collection.

This will help to make a display at home truly beautiful and thought-through. Art experts can advise on how to best build a fine art collection into an investment portfolio and make sure that a collection hung in corporate offices and in private residences is exceptionally impressive.

Investing in fine art is an enjoyable activity and a prudent way of spending money. It is an excellent way to add diversity to an investment portfolio, and by employing excellent advisors it is possible to develop a collection which offers cultural and personal value, as well as being part of a wealth creation strategy.

They can help to:

• fill gaps in a collection’s chronology
• discover rare works by favourite artists, or
• seek out fabulous examples of a favourite art movement.

This list of fine art advisors aims to help in beginning to build a list of requirements to help to refine a list of potential consultants. It contains 90+ art brokers, consultants, advisors and dealers who specialise in paintings – from contemporary art to historical paintings.

And it contains many renowned fine art dealers from around the world, spanning the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, UAE, Switzerland, Australia and Russia.

But first… let’s look in more detail at the services that a fine art consultant can offer.

What does an art consultant do?

Fine art consultancy is probably the broadest term that is used to describe the services of a professional working in this field.

An art consultant represents their clients and works closely with them to enhance the art buying process. Not only can they help to find fabulous fine art for sale, but they also help their clients with the practicalities of buying art, such as:
• maintenance and conservation
• organisation of logistics after the decision to acquire an artwork
• presentation of works
• insurance of your precious fine art collection.

Art Consultants

By employing the services of an art consultant, clients are also able to access a high level of assistance in building a fine art collection. Art consultancy is often the term used for art professionals who assist in developing personal collections for display in the home.

Often, an art consultant will arrange to visit their client’s home so that they can fully understand the space which will display the works, and also get to know the collector, their tastes, aspirations and interests.

They may take their clients on research trips to galleries, fairs, sales and institutions so that they can discuss preferences and explore ideas.

Not only will they guide clients in viewing art and offer contextual knowledge, they can also use their experience of attending art events and developing their contacts to help to get the very most from networking opportunities at these events.

They will help an art collector to navigate the art market and enhance their experience of the buying process.

And that’s not all, they will provide connoisseurship and curatorial expertise so that the client will build a collection that they love, and for which they will gain a deep understanding and critical appreciation.

What does an art advisor do?

The term ‘art advisor’ is often used interchangeably with ‘art consultant’, but there are some aspects of the service which are more often applied to ‘art advisors’.

Fine art advisory services tend to consider a balance of investment and cultural concerns. They will help their client to develop a strategy to build an important fine art collection which is rigorous and scholarly.

With a close understanding of art market trends, they can help to devise an approach to acquisitions that considers both market trends and timeless ideals of beauty.

Top art advisors understand the value that art can bring to a space, whether a home or a commercial property.

Hotel art consultants, for example, are art advisors who are specialists in buying or commissioning art to complement a hotel concept and differentiate the property.

Once an art collector finds the right advisor, they are likely to want to build a long term relationship with them.

Art Advisors

In this, the advisor will work closely with the client to build a meaningful personal or corporate Art collection, which reflects the progress and development of the clients changing life, their taste, and their interests, while creating a coherent curatorial collection.

Importantly, a top advisory service will help their clients to achieve this as well as building a sound investment portfolio. They will be able to offer guidance at art fairs and sales as well as assist with appraisals and negotiations.

What does an art broker do?

‘Fine art brokers’ tends to be used to describe an art consultant who has highly specialised knowledge of a particular movement, period or artist.

They can help assist their clients to source and buy desired artworks, and also may assist in sales.

These fine art specialists have exceptional networks and in-depth expert knowledge. They may offer sought after services such as authentication, provenance and specialist appraisals.

Art Brokers

Such documentation is important when it comes to selling parts of an art collection, or for estate planning (a fine art broker is a key part of an estate planning advisory team).

Master art brokers can assist with collection management and can advise on seeking representation for a collection.

Art brokers have in-depth knowledge of the artistic, historical and contextual elements of their niche subject. Not only this, but they will also offer an abundance of detailed information and insight on the market for this type of art.

Expect business acumen, insight into the relevant fine art index, and excellent negotiation skills.

What does an art dealer do?

Fine art dealers often have the most tightly defined remit in the spectrum of art consultants. Dealers are specialists in fine art sales, and usually represent a selected cohort of artists on behalf of a gallery.

Their selection of artists may be based on the gallery’s ethos, personal taste and/or market demands.

And so, art dealers (sometimes referred to as ‘art agents’) provide a critical service to both artists and collectors and are a vital component of the fine art business.

For those who are interested in collecting work by a particular artist, it would be highly recommended to seek out their dealer and build a relationship.

They will have access to the newest work and best understanding of which pieces will make the ideal investment.

Art Dealers

What To Look For In A Fine Art Consultant

So… now we have summarised some of the terminology used to describe the services available, but how does an art collector start a search for the ideal consultant?

Whether the client is new to collecting fine art or is an experienced buyer wishing to enhance their collection, there are some key points which will help them to refine their search.

Key Characteristics To Look For:

Location – It is most likely that a collector will ask ‘who are the best art dealers near me?’ when starting their research.

An art consultant that is convenient to their location would be an ideal choice – this will make it easier to visit galleries and auctions together as the consultant gets to know the client and their collection.

However, when building a collection themed around work from a particular country, it might be advisable to research art consulting firms with several international branches, or a specialist located in that country who is best placed to engage with local artists and other art professionals in the area.

Professional Memberships – It’s helpful to look for membership of professional bodies such as the Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art (CINOA), The International Catalogue Raisonné Association (ICRA),

The Responsible Art Market (RAM) Initiative, International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) and the APAA (Association of Professional Art Advisors) which are international bodies for professional fine art services and sets the standards for the field. Members abide by a code of ethics and are subject to a rigorous screening process upon joining.

Specialism – Make sure that a consultant can meet specific objectives – defining a few key outcomes at the start of a relationship can be incredibly helpful in shaping an art collection.

This might be decorating a particular wall, or making a particular investment.

And of course, if the collection focuses on a niche interest, finding fine art brokers who share this specialist passion is important and can be invigorating.

Clientele – While private art consultants are likely to keep their client list confidential, it can be very useful to discuss their balance of individual and corporate clients, and to have a sense of the profile of the collections that a consultant works with.

Corporate art consultants may be able to offer examples of collection management clients, as well as the details of key sales and acquisitions

Style – Consultants at art brokerage firms should always work to understand their clients’ style, but if the fine art specialist has a style that their client adores, too, then it is a match made in heaven!

Training – Most art experts will hold a minimum of a bachelors degree in art or art history.

Reputation – Asking for recommendations from personal networks and reading art brokerage reviews can be very enlightening before committing to a new art consultant.

Fine Art Consultants Worldwide

It can be daunting when beginning to consider how to find an art dealer.

To help in a search for fine art brokerage, this list focuses on fine art specialists who work with paintings; from contemporary pieces to beautiful historical paintings, from panel painting specialists to canvas art consultants.

To be of further assistance, it brings together 90+ of the most highly regarded consultants in the fine art industry from around the world, organised by location.

Therefore, wherever you might be it offers a useful starting point – whether you are looking for Los Angeles art consultants or fine art dealers London.

So let’s not hesitate any longer, read on to enter the world of fine art international specialists…

Fine Art Consultants

Fine Art Consultants UK:

Our list starts with a look at art consultants UK. The UK has an excellent reputation for the arts – it enjoys a vibrant contemporary cultural scene and a rich history of art dealership.

London is well regarded as a centre of artistic excellence, with galleries like the National Gallery, Tate Galleries, and the White Cube among its offerings.

This list of fine art dealers London offers some of the most highly regarded auction houses in the country, with Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips’ all within the city.

For up and coming artists, the fine art ranking UK tables chart the success of the country’s many art schools.

While well-known London schools like Goldsmith’s and The Slade continue to produce prestigious painters, regional cities like Leeds and Manchester have established excellent courses with impressive names among their alumni.

Professional bodies in the UK include:

Society of London Art Dealers (SLAD)

British Art Market Federation (BAMF)

British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA)

The Association of Art and Antique Dealers (LAPADA)

And so, art dealers UK have a wealth of resources to draw upon to help you to develop an art collection.

What services are offered by fine art dealers UK? In the UK, art advisors can be found for every requirement. They are widely involved in art sales, as well as curating exhibitions and publishing – and can make a lasting impact on the industry.

Take Sheeran Lock fine art consultants (owned by the musician Ed Sheeran’s parents), which ceased trading in 2010, but which published fine art catalogues for its exhibitions which can still be found in the Wellcome Collection and from specialist booksellers.

Let’s explore some of the leading names in UK fine art consultancy….


Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson England

For London fine art advisors, Thomas Gibson is a must-have on your shortlist.

He founded the gallery, Thomas Gibson Fine Art Limited, in 1969. Since then, he has established an exceptional reputation, buying and selling works from old masters to contemporary talent, for both private individuals and public institutions. Thomas’ son Hugh took over ownership of the gallery in 2015.

The Thomas Gibson art dealer business has bought and brokered many internationally renowned pieces by Old Masters, 19th and 20th-century painters, including Caravaggio’s ‘Boy Bitten by a Lizard’ and Jackson Pollock’s ‘Lavender Mist’.

Gibson launched his art advisory service in 1996, and clients have included Christie’s International PLC and significant sales and acquisitions for an array of private collectors.

Location: London

David Wade

David Wade England

David Wade is a Yorkshire Fine Art Advisory and agent, and the premier consultant in the North of the country.

He can advise on paintings from old masters through to 20th Century works and has expertise in unifying a collection that spans the centuries.

Wade set up his advisory service in 2002, after working with leading gallery Raphael Valls in London.

He is renowned for his discretion and negotiation skill. His exceptional network ensures that his clients will maximise their sale or purchase; from obtaining a thorough understanding of the works’ condition and conservation requirements to advising on the inclusion in key museum exhibitions to enhance post-sale value.

Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Georgina Hepburne Scott

Georgina Hepburne-Scott England

Georgina Hepburne Scott is the Director and Head of Art Management at Stonehage Fleming Fine Art Advisory London.

An award-winning advisor (she won the Next Generation Award at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015), Hepburne Scott is a regular presence at all major art fairs and auctions as she keeps a careful watch on the art market.

The range of services offered by Herpburne Scott and her team is seriously impressive. They can assist in planning a collection as part of wealth management activities.

They manage collections with a total value of over USD$2.5bn and support their clients in the full gamut of art consulting services – from acquisition strategy to cataloguing.

Hepburne Scott is a member of the PAIAM.

Location: London

Matthew Hockley Smith

Matthew Hockley-Smith England

Matthew Hockley Smith has over 30 years’ experience in art organisations and has held Director positions at some of London’s finest auction houses, as well as Lisson Contemporary Art Gallery.

Whilst he is based in England, Hockley Smith advises clients across the world and splits his practice into contemporary and historical art specialisms.

The art consultants London also assist with estate planning, collection management, and offers an education programme for those wishing to extend their knowledge of art collecting.

Looking for Fine Art Dealers UK? Hockley Smith also represents a select number of contemporary artists, including the painter Dan Baldwin.

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

John Russo

John Russo England

John Russo is CEO of the Maddox Gallery, which offers an advisory service which specialises in contemporary art.

Combining an evident passion for collecting with sound market insight has led to four consecutive years of double-digit returns for their clients. They assist clients in purchasing works and will advise when it is a good time to sell.

The Maddox Gallery exhibits an impressive group of artists, and you can expect access to paintings by artists such as Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and KAWS.

Maddox are not purely art dealers London, they also have galleries in Los Angeles and Gstaad.

Location: London

Patrick Legant

Patrick Legant England

If you are looking for specialised Fine Art Brokers England, Patrick Legant may be able to assist.

Patrick Legant is an independent art advisor. He founded his art consultancy in 2011 to offer a niche specialism in European and American art of the 19th and 20th Century and German and Austrian Expressionism.

Before this, he was a Senior Director of the Impressionist and Modern Art Department and Director of German and Austrian Art at Sotheby’s.

He is a recognised expert in his field. Among his numerous credentials; he is featured in publication such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and Apollo Magazine, is a member of the Founder’s Circle at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and is the Treasurer of the APAA.

Location: London


Emily Pelham Burn

Emily Pelham Burn Scotland

A great place to start a search for Scotland Fine Art Consultants is with Emily Pelham Burn.

Pelham Burn offers a broad knowledge base, with insight not just into a painting collection but also wider considerations across art and antiques.

She was Deputy Director of Sotheby’s Edinburgh office and has led art galleries and a leading craft organisation.

Whilst she has ample commercial experience, Pelham Burn’s expertise is evident in the testimonies from her private clients. She assists in developing her clients’ understanding of their collection, managing, and maximising family collections.

Location: Edinburgh

Ronnie MacAskill

Ronnie MacAskill Scotland

Ronnie MacAskill is the Director of Fettes Fine Art in Edinburgh.

Located in the heart of the city’s art district, Fettes Fine Art is in an ideal location for art lovers.

The gallery specialises in late 19th and early 20th Century Scottish art, and modern British art.

This is a luxury Edinburgh Fine Art Consultancy experience; the gallery is open by appointment only and provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to view works. A consultation is more like visiting a home than a traditional gallery space.

They offer a full range of art services, with broking, consulting, valuation and restoration available to their clients. They also offer the opportunity to try a piece in your own home, with no obligation to purchase.

Location: Edinburgh

Emily Walsh

Emily Walsh Scotland

Emily Walsh is the Managing Director of The Fine Art Society’s Edinburgh Gallery.

They have been showing work in their prestigious gallery space since 1969. The gallery spans two floors and is accompanied by a specialist framing and conservation workshop.

This Scotland Fine Art Advisory are leading specialists in Scottish paintings and sculpture, and their expertise covers works from the 1600’s through to contemporary artists.

Walsh has a particular interest in pieces from the late 19th and 20th centuries, and aside from running the Edinburgh gallery, she oversees their new London space and stages exhibitions in Hong Kong and New York.

Walsh and her team assist clients with building a collection of paintings by Scottish artists; advising on sales and purchases, representing clients at auction, arranging shipping and installation, conservation, valuations, condition reporting and framing. They also have extensive archives to support research into Scottish art.

Location: Edinburgh

Helen Glassford

Halan Glassford Scotland

Helen Glassford is founder and director of Tatha Gallery.

Unusually in our list of Scotland Fine Art Advisors, Glassford is a highly acclaimed painter, as well as gallerist and consultant.

She is joined by co-owner / director Lindsay Bennett, an art advocate with a background in the financial sector.

Tatha Gallery specialises in contemporary Scottish art, from established artists to emerging new talent.

Their sourcing and consultancy services offer support and expertise to find the perfect pieces for a collection, whether for the client’s home, corporate collection or an architectural or interior design project.

They also advise on hanging and curation, and their Wedding List fine art registry service offers a wonderful way to develop a collection.

Location: Newport-on-Tay, Fife


Jane Beattie

Jane Beattie Ireland

First in our list of Irish consultants is Dublin Fine Art Advisory Jane Beattie.

Beattie set up her business in 2017 and was formerly the Ireland representative of the prestigious Bonhams auction house.

Her consultancy services cover sales and sales strategy, advisory services on acquisitions and collection management, fine art appraisal and market advice. She also curates selling exhibitions for living artists.

She has in-depth knowledge of the Irish art market, and also advises on the international market. Beattie is an accredited surveyor and a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Location: Dublin

Eamonn Maxwell

Eamonn Maxwell Ireland

Eamonn Maxwell is one of the top fine art consultants Ireland has to offer, with over 15 years’ advisory experience supporting private and corporate collections as well as the work of art galleries, universities and public institutions.

His credentials are extensive; Maxwell counts The Arts Council of Ireland and Goldsmiths College London as fine art advisory clients; has curated exhibitions internationally, including the Irish Pavillion at the Venice Biennale; was interim Director at the prestigious visual gallery space and Director at Lismore Castle Arts; is a board member for numerous arts organisations and is a lecturer.

He specialises in contemporary early and mid-career artists and assists his clients with the purchase and curation of works.

Maxwell has rich connections in the Contemporary art world, and also offers mentoring services to artists and art professionals.

Location: Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

Mark Donnelly

Mark Donnelly Ireland

If you are in Northern Ireland, you may be looking for fine art dealers in County Down, Mark Donnelly is based in the picturesque village, Clough, County Down.

He has been an independent Art Consultant since 1985 and offers a wealth of experience in valuations and sales.

Donnelly trained at Trinity College Dublin and Sotheby’s, before starting his career in South Africa.

He returned to Ireland in 1992 and has in-depth knowledge of Irish history He also offers lecture tours of some of Ireland’s historic properties.

Location: Clough, County Down

Gerard Gormley

Gerard Gormley Ireland

Gerard Gormley is the Manager of the Belfast branch of Gormleys Fine Art.

Gormleys Fine Art was founded in 1990 and specialises in Irish contemporary art. They also showcase works by renowned international artists, such as Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damian Hirst.

They offer a wide range of consulting services to help in developing and managing an art collection.

Gormleys have an impressive exhibition and fair programme and helps their clients to acquire hard-to-find and important pieces. Their art sourcing service has an emphasis on Modern and Contemporary pieces by British and Irish artists, Pop art and Street art.

Sales can be arranged through their sister company, Gormleys Auctions.

Gormleys Fine Art also has a gallery space in Dublin.

Location: Belfast

Fine Art Consultants Europe:

As the birthplace of the classical civilisations, Europe is the well established home of culture.

Indeed, from the 16th century, the ‘Grand Tour’ was incredibly popular with wealthy young people who would flock to travel around the continent seeking cultural knowledge and experiences. This would be an important education for high society and assisted in developing a sense of taste and style.

With a thriving market for providing opportunities for any level of fine art business, and abundant galleries, fairs and museums to explore, there are ample opportunities to build a collection in Europe.

For this list, we will focus on fine art consultancy in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco, although of course there are many more excellent Advisors across the continent.

Professional bodies in Europe include:

Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art

European Chamber of Consultant Experts in Fine Art (CECOA)

The Fondation Pour le Droit de l’Art

Let’s take our own tour to discover some of Europe’s finest fine art consultancy services.


Laurence Dreyfus

Laurence Dreyfus France

Laurence Dreyfus created her company, LDAC, in 2000. LDAC are Paris Fine Art Consultants who offer an office close to the Eiffel Tower in the heart of the city.

The consultancy is deeply committed to its independence, with a worldwide network of contacts to source clients the perfect piece.

Dreyfus has been working in the arts sector for over 20 years as a curator and art advisor.

She specialises in contemporary art and has put on exhibitions in a dizzying array of unusual and prestigious spaces – ranging from an exhibition from Gilbert and George which took place in her car, to a presentation of Harald Falckenberg’s collection at la Maison Rouge.

In her advisory capacity, Dreyfus can offer access to her exciting contemporary art network. She is an avid talent-hunter and travels frequently in her quest for excellent art.

She accompanies her clients to fairs and galleries as she works together with them to refine their collection’s focus, advise on investment potential, arrange transport for the works and assist with ongoing management.

Location: Paris

Hailey Widrig

Hailey Widrig France

Hailey Widrig opened Widrig Art Partners in 2013, and the privately owned, independent office works with private clients, institutions, foundations, museums and corporate collections.

She specialises in post-war and contemporary art and photography and provides a core service comprising of collection strategy, governance, advisory and wealth planning.

Also, she provides specialised support to her clients with an array of niche fine art services, from Philanthropic Advisory, organising in-house educational events or implementing collection handling processes.

She is an executive member of the APAA and a member of the Fondation pour le Droit de l’Art in Geneva, Switzerland.

Location: Paris

Thomas Seydoux

Thomas Seydoux France

Thomas Seydoux founded Seydoux & Associates Fine Art in 2012 to offer fine art solutions and trading services to an international clientele.

He specialises in sales of impressionist and modern art and counts some of the highest value private sales in the international market among his achievements. His expertise is evident in the market reports which are regularly published on the website.

Previously, he worked at Schroders Bank in Geneva, Switzerland where he co-founded and headed the Art Advisory Department, and at Christie’s, where he became the International Chairman of the Impressionist and Modern Art Department in 2012.

He is a renowned speaker in his field and was nominated for the 2012 Alberto et Annette Giacometti Award for his lecture on Infamous fakes and forgeries in the 20th Century. He also writes extensively on the art market.

Seydoux & Associés Fine Art are members of The Art Law Foundation in Geneva, The International Catalogue Raisonné Association (ICRA) and is a founding member of The Responsible Art Market (RAM) Initiative.

Location: Paris

Thaddaeus Ropac

Thaddaeus Ropac France

In France Fine Art Dealers are seldom regarded more highly than Thaddaeus Ropac.

Not only this, Ropac is one of the foremost art dealers in Europe. Whilst he takes a place here in our list of dealers in France, he also has galleries in London and Salzburg.

Ropac founded his gallery in 1983, opening his Paris galleries in 1990 (Paris Le Marais) and 2012 (Paris Pantin).

He specialises in contemporary art and shows an incredibly impressive selection of artists including Alex Katz, Gilbert and George, Roy Lichtenstein and Elizabeth Peyton. Collectors flock to both the gallery spaces and also to see the Galerie’s exhibits at all the major art fairs.

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac also runs a publishing house which produces beautiful and rigorous art texts and catalogues.

Ropac offers consulting services to private and corporate collections, represents renowned estates and supports public institutions and major museums. He was named Officier dans L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2005, received the Gold Cross from the Austrian Republic in 2006 and was made a Knight of the Legion of Honour in France in 2013.

Location: Paris

Kamel Mennour

Kamel Mennour France

For pioneering Fine Art Dealers Paris, look no further than Kamel Mennour.

Kamel Mennour started his career as an art dealer selling small paintings door to door to support his University fees while studying economics. Now, he runs 5 gallery spaces, 4 of which are in Paris and with a further gallery in London.

With over 40 exciting names in contemporary art on his books, Mennour works to discover new talent and champion these emerging artists alongside established leading names. Exhibitions include works by painters such as Hicham Berrada, Latifa Echakhch, Liam Everett, David Hominal, Martial Raysse and Bertrand Levier.

Galerie Kamel Mennour also runs a publishing house which seeks to support research.

Location: Paris


Roberta Guiducci

Roberta Guiducci Italy

First on our list for fine art consultancy Italy is Roberta Guiducci.

Guiducci set up her consultancy service ‘The Art Time’, to help her clients navigate between the creative activity of art and the art market.

Specialising in modern and contemporary art, Guiducci provides consultancy services to private and corporate clients, curates, and liaison services to emerging artists.

She can assist with sales and acquisitions and advise on investment potential. She also develops training courses and conferences to support collectors, art professionals and students.

Guiducci has studied with Sotheby’s and Christie’s and worked in art galleries before establishing her consultancy.

Location: Bologna

Lorenzo Bruschi

Lorenzo Bruschi Italy

Browsing for fine art advisors Milan can be overwhelming, but one name stands out.

Lorenzo Bruschi is a consultant at Vasaris, an advisory established in 2002.

Vasaris specialises in valuations and all issues associated with the value of their clients’ artworks. They can assist with buying and selling, and have a particular focus on auction consultancy.

Their work often covers insurance and inheritance issues but includes services such as authentication and research – which itself can sometimes increase an artwork’s value.

Their clients include private collectors, banks, prestigious hotels and legal professionals.

In 2019, this offer expanded with the launch of their new company, Open Care Art Advisory. The advisory offers art collection management services, and their expertise covers all genres, materials and eras of art.

Bruschi has extensive experience working in insurance and auctions. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), consultant to the Milan law courts and appraiser for leading insurance companies.

He is the Vasaris’ Scientific Director for Italy and is joined by Roeland Kellewiin MRICS, International Scientific Director, and specialist in Old Master Paintings.

Location: Milan

Leonardo Marchi

Leonardo Marchi Florence

For fine art dealers Italy, make sure to take a look at the services of Leonardo Machi.

Leonardo Marchi is an art dealer and consultant in Florence, Italy, who specialises in 20th Century and contemporary art.

His parents founded the ArmandaGoriArte Gallery, Florence, where he was involved with the running of the space and found a niche in Art market analysis, participating at contemporary art fairs and curating.

As well as this deep-rooted interest in the arts, Marchi also holds a degree in Business Economics, Master’s degree in Art Management, and has studied at Sotheby’s.

Marchi has extensive curatorial experience and has a rich understanding of the joy of owning art, and of supporting artists in their pursuit of beauty.

He balances these cultural concerns with a detailed understanding of the complexities of the art market and collection management to advise on the best way to his client’s existing art investments and to choose new ones.

Services include buying and selling, collection management, valuations, promotion and catalogue production.

He also draws on his gallery experience to offer assistance in interior and exterior decoration projects and the commissioning of new works.

Location: Florence

Martina Alemani

Martina Alemani Italy

Martina Alemani is an experienced art professional, writer and consultant based in Milan.

Alemani founded Contemporary Art Advisory with Laura Brignoli in 2014. The independent art consultants specialise in contemporary art and work closely with their clients to help them to develop their collections.

Services include research, collection management advice, installation, shipping and framing.

Alemani holds a degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Photography. She is a member of the New Art Advisors Alliance and Head of Petriccia Art Banking, a department at Petricca &Co. Capital Ltd.

Location: Milan

Annalisa Scandroglio

Annalisa Scandroglio Italy

Annalisa Scandroglio is BeAdvisors art advisor for their Milan office.

BeAdvisors are a legal and tax advisory firm with an integrated International Art Advisory Department. They have offices in Milan and also in London.

The Fine Art Advisory Milan Department combines the specialist knowledge of BeAdvisors team with a deep understanding of the workings of the art market. They specialise in modern and contemporary art from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Scandroglio and the BeAdvisors team advise on the financial and tax aspect of collecting art as well as the import and export considerations. They assist with the patronage of charitable projects and fundraising, and have developed a groundbreaking crowdfunding platform dedicated to contemporary fine art.

Location: Milan


Kit Schulte

Kit Schulte Germany

When looking for Fine Art Advisors Germany, there is an excellent selection to choose from.

Kit Schulte is a Berlin-based art advisor who specialises in contemporary art from the USA and Germany.

She has extensive experience in the art world and has established exceptional networks through her work in commercial and non-profit arts organisations, marketing and project management.

Schulte’s advisory service offers access to this international network, developed over years of experience. She works to develop a relationship between her client and the artist, setting up private meetings and studio visits to support the research of potential purchases.

Schulte brings a clear vision for Contemporary art. Her clients can expect high calibre artworks that are an authentic expression of the artists’ vision. She is particularly interested in cultural commentary and the intersection between art and science.

She works with both private and corporate clients to help develop collections that inspire passion in their owners, enhance their wellbeing by the experience of viewing the works, and offer strong investment potential.

Location: Berlin

Matthias Arndt

Matthias Arndt Germany

Matthias Arndt is Founder and Director of Arndt Art Agency (A3), together with art expert Tiffany Wood. A3’s head office is in Berlin, with additional offices or representations in London, Singapore and Melbourne.

Arndt is a contemporary art advisor and expert. He lectures widely, set up the ‘Berlin Masters’ platform for emerging artists and his Gallery, Arndt Fine Art, staged over 300 art exhibitions around the world and produced over 80 publications and fine art catalogs between 1994 and 2017.

A3 represents a select group of artists and works with a range of partners, from major museums to corporate collaborations, work to stage innovative independent exhibitions.

They also offer advisory services for private and corporate collectors and institutions.

Location: Berlin

Isabel Boden

Isabel Boden Germany

Isabel Boden is a must-add to a list of Fine Art Advisory Berlin.

Boden is an independent art advisory who specialises in 20th and 21st Century art.

She developed her expertise at two renowned auction houses, Hauswedell & Nolte, Hamburg and Villa Grisebach, Berlin. She uses this in-depth knowledge of the art market to advise her clients in services which include inheritance planning, insurance and conservation projects.

Boden is qualified as an officially appointed and sworn expert in paintings, drawing and print, and is supervised by the Chamber of Commerce in Berlin.

She is a member of The Association of German Art Historians, The Federal Association of Independent Art Consultants and The Federal Association of Art Experts.

Through her exceptional network, Boden can source works by top-rate artists through private sales; including Josef Albers, Marc Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Katharina Grosse.

Location: Berlin

Sven Zibelius

Sven Zibelius Germany

Researching Fine Art Brokers Bavaria will bring Sven Zibelius’ name to the fore.

Sven Zibelius is an expert in 19th and 20th Century German paintings, including impressionist, post-impressionist and Fauvist works.

His background spans 30 years in the art industry and with legal training, he offers assistance with authentication, provenance research, and advice and mediation. Zibelius assists with the valuation of individual works, and also for complete households.

He is an expert on German paintings appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, Expert on German Paintings (1800 – 1914) by the Chamber of Commerce Nuremberg for Middle Franconia and is a member of The Federal Association of Art Experts.

Zibelius offers expertise in creating Catalogue Raisonnés, and his projects include a catalogue of works for the impressionist Frédéric-Samuel Cordey (1854-1911) among others.

Location: Greding, Bavaria

Johann König

Johann Konig Germany

Johan König founded König Galerie in 2002 and is regarded not only as one of the most highly regarded Berlin fine art dealers but as one of the world’s most powerful gallerists.

König’s selection is characterised not by school or medium, but simply by excellence. He seeks out the finest international talent, with over 40 emerging and established artists represented by the gallery.

Among the broad range of works are paintings by artists such as Koo Jeong A, Evelyne Axell, Robert Janitz, and Basim Magdy.

His father is a highly influential curator and König grew up surrounded by art; growing up, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and David Hockney were family friends.

König is renowned for his exceptional selection of works which has authenticity and concept at its heart. His selection is even more exceptional as König has been partially sighted since an accident as a teenager.

König Galerie has branches in Berlin and London and can be found at many major art fairs such as Art Basel and Frieze.

Location: Berlin


Roger Blikkberget

Roger Blikkberget Spain

For those looking for fine art brokerage Spain, Roger Blikkberget may be a useful contact.

Roger Blikkberget founded Viladomat Group in 2008, and in 2018 set up Viladomat Fine Art to provide a dedicated art consultancy service to his clients.

He has a worldwide network and offers a highly discreet service, to assist his clients with buying and selling of works, valuations, and arranging exhibitions. He specialises in old masters, impressionism, surrealism, modern and contemporary works.

Viladomat Fine Art also represents two painters, Dubai based abstract artist Sheeba Khan, and Spanish landscape painter Javier Ruix Lopez.

Location: Alicante, Costa Blanca

Sarah Belden

Sarah Belden Spain

Sarah Belden has been working in the art world since 1999 and has extensive experience across Europe and America.

She has worked as a curator across numerous galleries, as a private collection manager with the Emily and Jerry Speigel Collection, New York, and in Christie’s post-war and contemporary department.

Now offering consultancy, Belden is an excellent specialist to add to any list for fine art advisory Spain.

Belden has consulted for a broad range of clients, from private collectors to art fairs, non-profits and commercial organisations. She launched the Contemporary art platform Curators Without Borders in 2006.

This all combines to offer an international network of contacts to draw upon for sales and purchases of artwork. Belden offers a selection of additional services, including appraisals, commissioning, framing, installation, shipping, conservation, restoration, and storage.

Belden has also developed an online gallery selling original works from emerging artists and limited edition prints by leading artists. Visit her website for original paintings by Hannah Dougherty, Kai Mailänder, Jack Warren, Angel Chen, Kristen Schiele and Antje Blumenstein.

Location: Madrid

Elba Benitez

Elba Benitez Spain

Elba Benitez is a leading name for fine art dealers Spain. She founded the Galería Elba Benítez in Madrid in 1990, and it has established a reputation for contemporary art.

Collectors looking for unusual contemporary paintings would be wise to keep an eye on Galería Elba Benítez. The gallery has a specialist interest in interdisciplinary works, exploring the interchange between art and disciplines such as film, architecture or tourism.

You can also find Galería Elba Benítez at major art fairs.

Location: Madrid

Rosina Gómez-Baeza

Rosina Gómez-Baeza Spain

Rosina Gómez-Baeza is a leading figure in the Spanish art scene, working to develop organisations and projects which support the Spanish contemporary art sector. This has included establishing numerous fairs and festivals, research programmes and incubator spaces.

Her impressive credentials are underpinned by a degree at the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s foremost universities.

Her work has won her many prestigious awards. Gómez-Baeza was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts in 2009. Other accolades include the Cross of the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the Government of the French Republic, the EU’s Distinction for European Excellence and the Cross of the Commendatore Della Stella Solidarietá Italiana from the President of the Italian Republic.

She has been a founding partner of YGBART fine art consultancy Madrid, since 2012, and they continue to work on projects developing the country’s cultural prestige.

YBGART works with private and institutional clients to maximise the benefit of their collections. Not only do they offer collection management services such as acquisitions, cataloguing and appraisals, but they also work to promote private art collection so garner the greatest prestige and recognition for their clients.

To support this, they also work to educate the general public and to help them to connect to art collecting and collections.

Location: Madrid

The Netherlands:

Viktória Pikovská

Viktória Pikovská Netherlands

Viktória Pikovská is the Director of Victory Art in Rotterdam.

She founded the company in 2018 when she was just 21 years old, after travelling to the Netherlands while studying for her degree. Her projects are quickly establishing Victory Art in the sector, for example, a collaboration with the Deafblind residency of Majak earned a feature on Forbes Slovakia.

Pikovská established Victory Art to better represent central and eastern European artists in the Netherlands. They now represent over 60 artists working in a wide array of styles, and seek to offer a broad range of price points to ensure accessibility.

Artists are from Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia. Online meetings can be arranged for clients.

Victory Art offers design-led advice to their clients; they work with individuals, interior designers, and are corporate art consultants. They can advise on the well-being benefits of developing an art collection; from the stress-relieving properties of art to the HR implications of a corporate collection.

Location: Rotterdam, South Holland

Clemente Brakel

Clemente Brakel Netherlands

Clemente Brakel is an experienced curator and academic, and her Masters level programs include Christie’s Auditor, Art Validation and Appreciation course.

She has been Director of NL=US Art since 2009. NL=US fine art consultants Rotterdam specialise in contemporary and work with over 30 artists. They represent many artists working in painting, including Jan Maarten Voskuil, Lily de Bont, Arnout Killian and Tiwánee van der Horst.

They run a private gallery in Rotterdam, attend fairs, and also offer a consultancy service for private and corporate clients.

Location: Rotterdam, South Holland

Robbert Jan Hovenberg

Robbert Jan Hovenberg Netherlands

Robbert Jan Hovenberg has international gallery experience and is editor-in-chief for an Amsterdam based art magazine. His finger is firmly on the pulse of the Netherlands’ art scene.

He is the Founder of Artophile, a full-service fine art consultancy Amsterdam.

Set up the consultancy in 2013 help his clients to experience the benefits that the visual arts can offer, and assist in acquisitions.

He arranges installation, supports strategy and planning, and offers advice on conservation, restoration and insurance. Jan Hovenberg also works with clients to digitise and catalogue their works.

Location: Amsterdam

Hélène Bremer

Hélène Bremer Netherlands

Netherlands fine art consultancy HB Art specialises in art from the 18th Century, and contemporary art inspired by this period.

It is run by Hélène Bremer, an art historian who also has an interest in the history of collecting in European country houses.

Inspired by these houses’ evolving collections, she is an expert in the integration of historic and contemporary works.

Bremer offers research, curatorial and art advisory services.

Location: Arnhem, Gelderland

Nina van Heuveln

Nina van Heuveln Netherland

Nina van Heuveln founded her North Holland fine art advisory, Huev Art, in 2016. She specialises in modern art, and contemporary art by emerging artists.

She has established a reputation for spotting talented artists early in their careers, to bring the highest quality cutting-edge work to her clients.

Aside from sourcing works, she also assists with collection registration, collection management, shipping, installation and framing.

Van Heuveln has experience in contemporary galleries, at the Six Collection museum, Christie’s and Wedel Art. She is involved in several art initiatives and is a committee member for the ‘Jonge Rembrandt’ group (Vereniging Rembrandt).

Location: Amsterdam


Xavier Hufkens

Xavier Hufkens Belgium

One of the finest Brussels fine art dealers is Xavier Hufkens.

Hufkens is considered one of the leading art dealers in Europe and has 3 gallery spaces in Brussels which show contemporary art from Belgian and International artists.

When Hufkens founded the gallery in 1987, he focussed on emerging and mid-career artists, and as the gallery has grown so has his remit. He now shows work from a group of over 40 impressive artists, from Willem de Kooning to Tracey Emin, and continues to seek out emerging and unknown names.

The ethos that underpins every selection if finding the very finest artworks. Hufkens shows work from a broad range of disciplines, and he works with an exceptional selection of painters.

Artists include Katherine Bernhardt, Cris Brodahl, George Condo, Paul McCarthy, Malcolm Morley, Alice Neel, Nicolas Party, Robert Ryman, Josh Smith and Walter Swennen.

The gallery shows at up to 8 fairs a year, and Hufkens has been on the selection committee for Art Basel.

Location: Brussels

Laura De Beir

Laura De Beir Belgium

Laura De Beir founded Fine Art Consult with fellow art historian Ellen De Schepper in 2015.

The Brussels fine art consultancy specialise in global modern, contemporary and emerging artists and offer independent and confidential advice to private collectors, corporations and interior designers.

Fine Art Consult help their clients to develop distinctive collections, collections which are true to their clients’ visions and have enduring value.

Artists available include Josef Albers, Arman, Dadamaino, Jim Dine, Sam Francis, Jannis Varelas and Roger Raveel.

They have experience at Christie’s, Bonhams, Art Dubai and Dorotheum. Laura holds a Masters Degree in Art History, while Ellen has a Master’s Degree in Art Business.

Location: Brussels

Anouk Taché

Anouk Taché Belgium

Anouk Taché and Carole Lévy began working together in 1999, initially running an art gallery and more recently specialising in art consultancy.

They specialise in international modern and contemporary art and have developed their network through their gallery connections and also previous roles in galleries and auction houses.

Twig work predominantly with corporate clients and understand the nuances of the fine art company collections require. They also have a particular focus on working with new collectors. They can assist with sales and purchases, logistics, tax issues and conservation.

Location: Brussels

Hubert d’Ursel

Hubert d'Ursel Belgium

Hubert d’Ursel is the head of art advisory at Degroof Petercam. The private bank offers services for inheritance planning, valuations, inventories, logistics and insurance.

The Brussels fine art advisors also offer an Art Collections service which can help their clients in the purchase and works and management of their collections. For this, they work with a panel of independent advisors to ensure the transparency and impartiality of their service. The art advisory team specialise in works from the impressionist period to present.

D’Ursel was formerly the Managing Director of Sotheby’s Belgium and Board Director of Sotheby’s Europe, before joining Degroof Petercam in 2012.

Location: Brussels


Eva Presenhuber

Eva Presenhuber Switzerland

Starting our list of Swiss art consultants is one of the foremost Zurich fine art dealers, Eva Presenhuber.

Eva Presenhuber has been a gallerist since 1989 and set up her own space following a partnership with Hauser and Wirth.

She now has two spaces in Zurich, with a further gallery in New York. She is recognised as one of the most powerful people in art, and the galleries are known for their museum-quality exhibitions. Her fair booths are unerringly exceptional, and she has been on the Art Basel selection committee for several years.

Galerie Eva Presenhuber is a must-see for contemporary art, and painters include Lucas Blalock, Joe Bradley, Verne Dawson, Carroll Dunham, Sam Falls, Shara Hughes, Tobias Pils, Tamuna Sirbiladze, Josh Smith and Sue Williams.

Location: Zürich

Jean-Rene Saillard

Jean Rene Saillard Switzerland

Jean-Rene Saillard has been at The Fine Art Group’s fine art consultancy Geneva office since 2012. Before this, he had an extensive career with Christie’s, before becoming a Director for Netjets Europe.

The Fine Art Group have offices around the world and can assist with buying and selling, valuations, collections management and research. They also offer an art finance service and both co-investment and private investment options to develop their clients’ portfolios.

The Group offer expertise in western art from 1500 to the present, with particular specialisms in Impressionism, Surrealism, Modern and Contemporary art.

Location: Geneva

Stéphanie Cramer

Stéphanie Cramer Switzerland

Stéphanie Cramer and Edward Mitterrand are fine art advisors Geneva and have been working together since 2000. They initially ran a gallery space in Geneva, before co-founding “Quartier des Bains” (the Geneva gallery and museum association) and editing limited design furniture.

Cramer Mitterand draws on their varied experience and international network to provide a dedicated art advisory service to a select client base, working with private collectors, family offices and interior designers.

They have an office and showcase space in the Swiss Alps, with a further office in Geneva.

Location: Saanen, Bern


Karolina Blasiak

Karolina Blasiak Monaco

If you are looking for fine art advisory Monaco, one name that comes up time and again is Rosemont Monaco SAM.

Karolina Blasiak has over 10 years’ experience in international art. She is based in Rosemont International’s Monaco office and assists clients globally.

Rosemont International work with high net worth individuals and ultra-high net worth individuals, with dedicated art advisory amongst their services. This is a 360degree art advisory that looks to help clients collect art for investment and pleasure.

They have particular expertise in old master paintings, modern and post-war contemporary art and impressionist works, and services include buying and selling, collection management, market analysis, tax advice, inheritance planning and agency.

Rosemont Monaco SAM are a member of AMPA – Association Monegasque des Professionnels en Administration des Structures Etrangeres (

Location: Monaco

Kinga Debicka


Kinga Debicka is a consultant for Art Jed Gallery. She studied at Sotheby’s and the London School of Economics, and also works as a consultant for wealth management firm Bouchard et Cie.

Art Jed is a collaboration between Artur Piotr Jedrzejewski, the CEO of Bouchard et Cie, and curators from the USA and UK. It specialises in modern and contemporary art and features important works from both established artists and emerging talent in museum-quality exhibitions.

Debicka provides consultancy for private clients, hospitality businesses, interior designers and architects to develop beautiful collections which are rooted in sound investment advisory and art market research.

Location: Monaco

Sergey Podstanitsky

Sergey Podstanitsky Monaco

Sergey Podstanitsky is a specially invited advisor to Hermitage Fine Art dealer Monaco.

He is a well-known collector of British fine art, historian and curator.

Hermitage Fine Art is an international auction house that was established in Monaco in 2017. It has held auctions of art ranging from Old Masters to 19th-Century, Modern and Contemporary works.

They hold auctions at prestigious locations in Monaco and also arrange private sales. Restoration, shipping and authentication can all be provided for their clients.

Location: Monaco

Fine Art Consultants USA:

The USA has one of the richest art scenes in the world. Vibrant cultural centres including New York, San Francisco and Miami offer a wealth of fairs, galleries and private dealers from which to build a collection.

Whether a client is looking for art advisors NYC or art consultants Chicago there is a broad range of consultants to choose from and find the best advice for each unique collection.

Professional bodies fin the USA include:

Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA)

Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA)

The National Antique and Art Dealers Association of America (NAADAA)

Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA)

Private Art Dealers Association (PADA)

New Art Dealers Alliance

USA arts organisations offer pioneering services, from Randy Hunter’s groundbreaking online gallery Fine Art Enterprises in the 1990s, to contemporary innovations such as the Metropolitan Museum’s virtual gallery game ‘Met Unframed’.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting consultancy and fine art brokerage USA…


Michael Altman

Michael Altman New York

For famous names on the New York art scene, look no further than Michael Altman art dealer.

Michael Altman Fine Art and Advisory specialise in works from Hudson River School, impressionist, post-war and contemporary artists.

His gallery carries works by artists such as John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer, and a full range of art advisory services are available.

Location: New York

Maria Brito

Maria Brito New York

Maria Brito is one of the leading art consultants NYC; she is a renowned author, curator and regarded as a visionary in the field.

The consultancy works to develop conversations – their clients are active participants in their projects and not simply observers.

They source artworks which can hold personal meanings for their clients, using contemporary art to develop vibrant, unique and highly bespoke art collections.

Location: New York

Barbara Guggenheim

Barbara Guggenheim New York

Barbara Guggenheim is a partner in Guggenheim, Asher Associates Inc, a New York fine art consultants who have been one of the world’s leading art consultancies for over 30 years.

Guggenheim lectures widely on contemporary art. She has been working in art advisory since 1980 and has previous experience at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and The Whitney Museum.

Location: New York

Adam Williams

Adam Williams USA

Adam Williams opened his New York gallery in 1998, following a career that encompassed Sotheby’s London, the Richard Green Gallery and Newhouse Galleries.

Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd. deals in fine European old master paintings from the 15th to the mid-19th Centuries.

It has sold numerous important works, including St Jerome by Petrini, The Legend of St Genevieve by Castello, the Portrait of Richard Peers Symons by Reynolds, and the Girl with a Dove by Greuze.

Location: New York

Ray Waterhouse

Ray Waterhouse USA

Ray Waterhouse is a Partner at Fine Art Brokers.

He specialises in impressionist, post-impressionist, modern and post-war European and American art. He has over 40 years of experience in the art market and whilst he works with some established, important collections of European and American art he also enjoys working with new collectors.

Waterhouse founded the company with Jonathan Dodd, and the New York Fine Art Brokers have bought and sold over 5,000 works of art ranging from $20,000 to $20million. They offer a comprehensive consultancy service.

Location: New York

Gui Rochat

Gui Rochat USA

Gui Rochat is an international art consultant and dealer, specialising in 17th and 18th French art.

He trained at Sotheby’s and has worked with four major auction houses, in London and New York.

Rochat has discovered several unrecognised Old Master paintings and drawings. Sales include ‘Portrait of Mademoiselle Louise’ by Navez, ‘Neptune Calming the Storm’ by Brebiette, ‘Delilah cutting Samson’s Hair’ by Stella and ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew’ by Rivalz.

Location: New York

Warren Adelson

Warren Adelson USA

Warren Adelson founded Warren Adelson Galleries in 1964. The gallery was initially located in Boston, moving to New York 7 years later.

The gallery specialises in American impressionism, realism and modernism, and Warren is a renowned expert on John Singer Sargent. The gallery is also noted for dealing in works by Mary Cassatt, Childe Hassam and Maurice Prendergast.

Location: New York


Helene Brown

Helene Brown LA

Helene Brown has been a senior art advisor for Fresh Paint Art Advisors for over 35 years. They are corporate art consultants Los Angeles, and also work with private clients to develop cohesive collections.

Fresh Paint offers a full project management service, including shipping, installation and custom fabrication. They assist with art commissions and concept development.

They have an extensive network of contemporary artists, and painters include Vicky Barranguet, Julia Nee Chu, Ned Evans, Thomas Hoitsma and Melanie Rothschild.

Location: Culver City, Los Angeles

David Coyle

David Coyle LA

David Coyle created Art Brokers Inc in 1991. As the name suggests, Art Brokers Inc offers a full range of art brokerage services (unlike Art Advisors LLC who are hedge fund managers…) and work closely with galleries, interior designers and art consultants.

The San Rafael fine art brokerage represents contemporary artists including painters Ben Rea, Takeshi Nakayoshi, Jennifer Beckman and Jeff Long, to provide high-quality prints for their clients.

Location: San Rafael, California

Maggie Devers

Maggie Devers LA

Last but certainly not least on our list of art consultants Los Angeles is Maggie Devers.

Maggie Devers works to demystify art for clients who are new to collecting. She has run a contemporary gallery, worked in an international auction house and holds an Art History Master’s degree.

Devers works to make collecting contemporary art accessible and easy and offers support in collection strategy and purchases.

Location: Los Angeles


Lydia Lopoukhine

Lydia Lopoukhine Boston

For managers of government and large private and public organisations looking for art consultants Boston, Lydia Lopoukhine might be just the right fit.

Lopoukhine is the founder of LFA Art Management, and since 1990 has focussed her consultancy on providing services to hotels, universities, corporations and hospitals. Clients include Crowne Plaza Times Square NYC, Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City, The Boston Symphony Orchestra and the University of Michigan.

With a specialist interest in contemporary painting, she has connections with artists who have works in major collections around the world.

Lopoukhine is a member of the APAA.

Location: Boston

Lauren P. Della Monica

Lauren P. Della Monica Boston

Lauren P. Della Monica founded LPDM Fine Art in 2004 following qualifying with degrees in fine art, connoisseurship and law.

Della Monica’s clients are mainly private collectors, and she has also worked with country clubs.

She is a curator and the author several books on painting; Flying the Colors: The Unseen Treasures of Nineteenth-Century American Marine Art, Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views, and Bodies Of Work: Contemporary Figurative Painting.

Location: Boston

Hadley P. Powell

Hadley P. Powell Boston

For Massachusetts fine art consultants look to Hadley P.Powell, whose expertise runs from old master prints to contemporary art. She has extensive experience and has worked with the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Invaluable, Christie’s, and Artnet.

She established her consultancy, Powell Fine Art, in 2017, which specialises in modern and contemporary fine art brokerage Boston. They offer advisory, sales, framing and installation, collection management, shipping, studio and gallery visits, art fair tours and philanthropic advisory for their clients.

Location: Brookline, Massachusetts

San Francisco:

Heather Marx

Heather Marx San Francisco

Turning to art consultants San Francisco, the first on our list is Heather Marx.

Marx has been working in the arts industry for over 20 and is a member of the APAA. She launched Heather Marx Art Advisory (HMxAA) in 2013 and provides services for private and corporate collections. She seeks projects which provide a dialogue on the positive change that the arts can create.

In addition to working with collections, HMxAA develops curatorial projects, creating innovative exhibitions and events for private residences and workplaces.

Location: East Bay, San Francisco

Effi Shoua

Effi Shoua San Francisco

Effi Shoua is the founder of Gefen Fine Art, who are San Francisco fine art dealers with three gallery spaces across the city. The gallery specialises in contemporary and offers work by an exciting range of international artists. Painters include David Hollier, Ophear, Dario Del Toro and Natan Elkanovich.

Aside from these extensive galleries, Gefen Fine Art assists with on-site visits, project management, shipping and installation.

Location: San Francisco

Laura Smith Sweeney

Laura Smith Sweeney San Francisco

Laura Smith Sweeney is an art aficionado with over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector. She is the Principal of LSS Art Advisory and focuses on straight-talking accessible art advice.

She works with her clients to develop collections that they are passionate about (as well as being sound investments). Education is the pivotal part of this service and informs acquisition, logistics and collection management.

The San Francisco fine art advisory is a member of the APAA.

Location: San Francisco


Sebastien Laboureau

Sebastien Laboureau USA

Sebastien Laboureau is a Miami art consultant with a particular interest in post-war, contemporary art, and urban art. As well as his art advisory service, he is also the founder of Moonstar Art Advisors, a USA fine art brokers who specialise in works by Banksy.

With a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and a background in investment banking, Laboureau is ideally placed to advise on investment strategies. He is a certified Fine Art Appraiser with the Impartial Financial Advisors Association.

Contact via the website

Location: Miami, Florida

Michelle Rosenfeld

Michelle Rosenfeld Miami

Michelle Rosenfeld has been a private art dealer for more than 45 years and has run her gallery since 1990.

Michelle Rosenfeld Inc. Art Advisors now have three locations and have become known as one of the world’s leading galleries specialising in modern masters, contemporary masters and impressionists.

They offer a full range of art consultancy services, with artists available including Marc Rothko, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mitchell and Henri Matisse.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida


Susan Blackman

Susan Blackman USA

Susan Blackman is the Founder and Director of Art Advisory Ltd. Blackman has extensive experience in the art world, with 30 years’ experience leading galleries and advanced degrees in business management.

The firm can handle every aspect of purchasing a piece of art and excel in helping their clients to develop meaningful collections which transform their interiors.

Art Advisory Ltd. Is a certified Women Business Enterprise.

Location: Chicago

Jaime DeGroot

Jaime DeGroot USA

Jaime DeGroot is the Principal of DeGroot Fine Art, a fine art consultancy Chicago. She has a Master’s degree in Art History and a decade of experience in art advising and administration.

The consultancy work with corporate and private clients to manage collections and develop collaborative projects. They offer a full range of consultancy services, from acquisitions to conservation.

Location: Chicago

Joe Stanfield

Joe Stanfield USA

Joe Stanfield is the Director of the fine art department at Hindman, an Auctioneers with salerooms in Chicago and across the USA.

He is a renowned art expert, and a member of the Sustaining Fellows at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Arts Club of Chicago.

For collectors looking for fine art brokerage Chicago, the department has expertise in American and European art from the Renaissance to World War II, post-war and contemporary works, and western and wildlife art. It has sold works by Henri Lebasque, Gustave Loiseau, John Henry Twachtman, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Frederick Carl Frieseke.

Location: Chicago

Fine Art Consultants Canada:

Canadian art has been shaped by immigration; the First Nation People’s occupied the country for thousands of years, and immigration from the colonial period have brought new residents from Europe and across the world.

This is reflected in the collection at the National Gallery of Canada, a body of over 93,000 works from three continents.

A key school to look for is the ‘Group of Seven’, who were Canadian landscape painters in the early 1900s.

And so, Canada fine art advisors have a wealth of inspiration to draw from.

Professional bodies include:

Art Dealers Association of Canada

Canadian Antique Dealers Association

Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisal

Let’s take a look at some of the Canada fine art consultants.


Allison Hastings

Allison Hastings Toronto

Hastings Art Advisory is owned by Allison Hastings.

Hastings is a highly experienced art advisor with qualifications from the University of Toronto, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the University of Manchester and the International Society of Appraisers.

The firm offers appraisals and independent Toronto fine art advisory. They can assist with insurance, tax planning and investment planning. Specialisms include old master paintings, as well as European, Canadian and American art.

Location: Toronto

Kathryn Minard

Kathryn Minard Canada

Kathryn Minard is the President of She is highly qualified in appraisals and holds the International Society of Appraisers’ highest designation.

Minard specialises in Canadian art and has worked with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

The Ontario fine art advisors provide valuation reports and research and authentication services. They work with private clients, corporate collections, charities, government agencies, institutions, galleries and museums.

Location: Toronto

Alan Klinkhoff

Alan Klinkhoff Canada

The Klinkhoff family are legendary art dealers.

Alan Klinkhoff made his first deal aged just 12, when he bought three paintings from A.Y Jackson, one of the founders of the Group of Seven. Five years later, he travelled to London for his first international purchase. After studying, Klinkhoff joined his father’s business, and his two sons have also entered into the family firm.

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery specialises in classic Canadian fine art from 1840 onwards, and artists include Cornelius Kreighoff, Lawren Harris and William Kurelek. The Toronto fine art dealers are known for handling only the finest examples of the genre.

The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada.

Location: Toronto


Matt Petley-Jones

Matt Petley Jones Canada

Matt Petley-Jones has been running the Petley Jones Gallery for over 35 years.

The gallery deals in contemporary and historical Canadian, European and American paintings.

The Ontario fine art dealers show work by Petley-Jones’ uncle, the acclaimed Canadian Impressionist artist Llewellyn Petley-Jones, alongside high profile artists such as Colin Graham RCA and Richard Ciccimarra.

Additional services include framing, restoration and appraisals.

Location: Vancouver

Uno Langmann

Uno Langmann Canada

Uno Langmann is a leading name in the art world and one of the foremost fine art dealers British Colombia.

Uno Langmann founded Uno Langmann Limited in 1977, and the business has become Canada’s foremost specialist in the finest quality European and North American paintings from the 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Langmann has been awarded honours in the British Columbia Entrepreneurial Awards, an honorary degree from the University of British Columbia, and a lifetime achievement award from the Art Dealers Association of Canada.

The gallery provides services in sales and acquisitions, appraisals and conservation.

It is a member of the Canadian Antique Dealers Association (CADA), the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) and the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisal.

Location: Vancouver

Krista Howard

Krista Howard Canada

Toronto fine art advisory Howard495 was founded by Krista Howard, who also runs a project space in Vancouver.

Howard provides a full-service advisory, for both private and corporate clients. She has over a decade of experience as an art advisor, with qualifications from the University of British Columbia and Sotheby’s New York.

In addition, her project space shows a changing programme of contemporary art from the secondary market.

Location: Vancouver

Fine Art Consultants UAE:

The market for UAE fine art consultancy is growing rapidly. New galleries are being established, and Art Dubai, an art fair established in 2007, has become one of the leading international art fairs.

This makes the UAE an ideal location for art collectors, and some exceptional collections have been developed.

In 2011, Ramin Salsali opened a museum to showcase his personal collection of over 800 works, and the museum has become a key part of the growing art scene in Dubai.

Sheikha al Mayassa bint Hamad al Thani is the sister of the ruler of Qatar and a dedicated fine art collector. She has been named ArtReview’s most influential person in the art world.

Here is a selection of art consultants UAE…


Viktoriya Arnaud Melnykova

Viktoriya Arnaud Melnykova-UAE

To start this list of art consultants Dubai, let’s meet Viktoriya Arnaud Melnykova.

Viktoriya Arnaud Melnykova founded Globe Art Advisory in 2014 to specialise in modern and contemporary art The Dubai fine art advisory promotes Middle Eastern Art to European collectors.

Her art career has included Gallery Natali Seroussi, France, Sotheby’s, and major art fairs around the world.

Arnaud Melnykova has sourced work from notable artists such as Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Location: Dubai

Mohamed Nyabi

Mohamed Nyabi UAE

For Emirate of Dubai fine art brokerage, take a look at Mohamed Nyabi.

Mohamed Nyabi is an expert in Flemish art, Renaissance art, South and Central American art. He is also renowned for his knowledge of the work of Fernando Botero.

Nyabi assists clients with art evaluation, authentication, buying and selling. He is qualified in finance and a pioneer in art-finance.

Location: Dubai

Myrna Ayad

Myrna Ayad UAE

Myrna Ayad is an art advisor and author. She has been Director of Art Dubai, and Editor of numerous prestigious art publications.

She is one of the Middle East’s leading cultural commentators and writes a monthly column on modern artists from the Arab world.

She provides cultural strategy advice and fine art consultancy Emirate of Dubai for corporate clients such as PepsiCo, the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, Bulgari, and Assouline.

Location: Dubai

Romano Ravasio

Romano Ravasio Dubai

Romano Ravasio worked in a selection of major European museums before founding Art Consulting in 1995 in Italy with Marina Pizziolo.

The consultancy was ground-breaking in applying the approaches of museum management to collections.

Ravasio has now moved to the UAE to expand the consultancy’s international clientele. The firm of Dubai art consultants works on major projects in India and the United Arab Emirates.

The consultancy assists with collection planning, investment strategy and valuations. They also develop high profile art events for corporate clients and help develop public museums.

Location: Dubai

Fine Art Consultants Russia:

The largest country in the world, Russia is a vast, transcontinental power-house with a long cultural history.

Moscow is a major financial centre, the historic heart of Russia and home to The Russian Academy of Arts, which opened in 1757. Major museums in the city include The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Tretyakov Gallery, and The State Historical Museum of Russia.

Russia’s second-largest city, Saint Petersburg, is known as the cultural capital of Russia. It is the most northern city in the world and steeped in history. Saint Petersburg is home to over 200 museums, including The Hermitage, which is one of the largest museums in the world.

Professional bodies active in Russia include:

Artists Trade Union of Russia

ICAAD Russia

Whilst Russia has a rich cultural history, the development of its art market and consultancy services is very recent. Let’s take a look at some of the fine art advisors Russia now has available to assist collectors.


Andrey Dzamashvili

Andrey Dzamashvili Russia

Starting this list of Moscow fine art dealers is Andrey Dzamashvili.

Andrey Dzamashvili Gallery was founded in 2008 and assists clients in building art collections for investment.

Dzamashvili is a professional antique dealer, and the gallery has a specialist interest in Russian and Soviet paintings.

Andrey Dzamashvili Gallery is a member of both the International Confederation Of Antiques & Art Dealers and the Russian and the International Association of Antique and Fine Art Dealers.

Location: Moscow

Leonid Shishkin

Leonid Shishkin Russia

Leonid Shishkin established the Leonid Shishkin Gallery in Moscow in 1989. It was one of the first private commercial galleries in Russia.

The Moscow fine art brokerage has established a reputation as one of the leading authorities in 20th Century Russian art and specialises in the work of Dmitry Nalbandyan.

The gallery is a member of the Russian and the International Association of Antique and Fine Art Dealers.

Location: Moscow

St Petersburg:

Marina Gisich

Marina Gisich Russia

Marina Gisich set up the Marina Gisich Gallery in 2000 to represent Russian artists. Her Saint Petersburg fine art consultancy at the gallery includes art collection and management services. She was one of the first to offer such services in Russia.

Gisich shows exhibitions by renowned modern and contemporary artists. She also works to promote emerging talent from St. Petersburg.

The gallery can be found at international art fairs.

Location: St. Petersburg

Fine Art Consultants Australia:

Australia’s beautiful and diverse landscape has inspired artists for thousands of years. The country was populated by Indigenous Australians for 65,000 years before it was colonised by European settlers.

With an abundance of ancient rock art and a rich cultural tradition, it is easy to see why Indigenous Australian Art has become a collecting focus for many art aficionados.

Impressionism has also had a great impact on Australian Art, with the early settlers making Impressionist art inspired by the unfamiliar landscape.

The landscape has remained a key theme for artists right through to the present day, and in Australia fine art consultants can draw upon this extensive pool of work when advising their clients.

Professional bodies include:

Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA)

Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association

Aboriginal Art Association of Australia (AAAA)

Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia

Now it’s time to take a look at some Australia fine art brokerage and consultancy specialists.


Greer Adams

Greer Adams Australia

Greer Adams is a specialist in Australian indigenous art. She offers collection management and valuations and assists with buying and selling of art.

Adams has experience helping new buyers to begin to shape an art collection, and managing large scale, high-value collections for established collectors.

She studied at the British School in Rome, Melbourne University, and has experience working for Sotheby’s.

Location: Sydney

Brenda Colahan

Brenda Colahan Sydney

Brenda Colahan established Brenda Colahan Fine Art in 1998. Her Sydney fine art advisory service is complimented by her skills in art valuation.

She also runs a gallery in Putney, Sidney, which specialises in fine art by modern, contemporary and indigenous artists.

Colahan is a highly experienced and qualified art consultant. She is an Approved Valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, has held positions on the Art Consulting Association of Australia board, and was an executive member and treasurer for the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia.

Location: Putney, Sydney

Elizabeth Hastings

Elizabeth Hastings Sydney

Elizabeth Hastings has 25 years of experience in the art market. She is Government approved valuer, studied at the British Museum, and has worked at Sotheby’s London as well as numerous galleries and valuers around the world.

She specialises in Australian paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings and photography after 1900, and offers a full range of consultancy services and fine art brokerage New South Wales. Hastings is also an author, her publications cover writing on art and collections.

Location: Elizabeth Bay, Sydney


Guillaume Dillée

Guillaume Dillée Australia

Guillaume Dillée is the third generation to run his family’s valuation consultancy. The consultancy was originally based in Paris, and Dillée set up as Melbourne fine art consultants in 2014 to represent French art on the international market.

Dillée has worked with over 300,000 works of art in his career so far. His practice is characterised by confidentiality, trustworthy analysis and assistance.

Location: Brighton, Melbourne

Anita Archer

Anita Archer Melbourne

For collectors looking for fine art advisors Victoria, Anita Archer may be able to assist.

Archer is the Director of Pegasos5, a consultancy which specialises in Australian art of all periods, Aboriginal art, Asian contemporary art and international contemporary art.

She is a registered art valuer with Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia and Co-founder of the Art Consulting Association of Australia.

Archer also holds a position as Research Coordinator for the ERCC (Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Contemporary Culture) Research Unit at The University of Melbourne.

Location: Armadale, Melbourne

Fine Art Consultants Asia:

Asia is home to some of the world’s most prolific collectors, many of whom make their collections available for the public to view and support the arts through charitable activities.

These collectors, from across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, are often considered to be the driving force of the global art market.

And so, fine art advisory Asia is a growing specialism, as the soaring number of high net worth individuals seek to invest in art.

For this introduction to fine art consultants Asia, let’s take a look at advisory services in two of the key art markets -Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hong Kong:

James Lau

James Lau Asia

James Lau has over 20 years’ experience in dealing in art. He specialises in European masters of the 20th Century, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and David Hockney.

He was previously Senior Art Consultant at Collins and Kent International fine art dealers Hong Kong.

Location: Hong Kong

Benjamin Sigg

Benjamin Sigg Asia

Benjamin Sigg is an art collector and consultant. He is the founder of Consigg Limited. Consigg is a Hong Kong fine art consultancy, with additional offices in Switzerland and Beijing.

He comes from a family of art collectors, and his uncle is the influential Contemporary Chinese Art Collector, Dr Uli Sigg.

Sigg specialises in contemporary Chinese art, Southeast Asian art and International emerging artists. He has an excellent network of artists across China and South East Asia and engages in frequent studio visits.

Location: Hong Kong

Cecille Xichu Wang

Cecille Xichu Wang Asia

Cecille Xichu Wang is the Asia Representative of Old Master Group at Christie’s.

She studied at Central Saint Martins and Sotheby’s in London, before joining Christie’s in 2014.

She was involved with the sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mudi in 2017, which was the most expensive painting ever sold at a public auction.

Christie’s offers a full range of client services. The Hong Kong fine art brokers and auction house have dedicated advisory and art consultancy teams, who work with their department specialists to provide exceptional service.

Location: Hong Kong


Talenia Phua Gajardo

Talenia Phua Gajardo Asia

Talenia Phua Gajardo is Head Art Hunter and CEO of The Artling, a platform that uses high-tech solutions to promote contemporary art to the widest possible audience.

She founded the Singapore fine art consultancy in 2013, after a career in interior architecture and design. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects in London, was a Design Judge for Dezeen’s Awards 2020 and served on the Design Trust’s benefit committee.

The Artling offers a full consultancy service, as well as an extensive range of art available to buy online. Works include figurative painting, still life and portraiture.

Location: Singapore

Samuel Hardwick

Samuel Hardwick Asia

Samuel Hardwick is Director of Art Works SG, established in 2011.

The Singapore fine art brokerage provides advisory services to clients developing an art collection as an investment strategy. They also offer interior design consultancy and in addition, they represent a roster of contemporary artists.

They also offer an art leasing service, providing a further return for their clients.

Location: Singapore

Zak Lo

Zak Lo Asia

Zak Lo is a former banker who set up LivingWithArt in 2003 to make art accessible and affordable for all living spaces.

The Singapore fine art dealers flagship gallery now houses more than 3000 works of art, with a focus on supporting local artists. Large traditional canvases, triptychs, landscapes and Buddhas are to be found among the extensive range.

Location: Singapore

Fine Art Appraisal

Fine art appraisals provide an expert identification of an artwork and a well-informed valuation.

Examples of instances where an appraisal might be required include:

• Planning the sale of artworks

• Insurance

• Probate

• Tax

• Financial Planning

• Donations

• Loan Collateral

Fine Art Appraisal

To obtain an appraisal, it is important to find the appropriate specialist for a particular piece. A consultant may be able to advise on an appraiser if a work falls outside of their specialism.

It’s often recommended to find an independent appraiser, and many excellent consultancies offer this service.

Galleries and auction houses often provide appraisal services, but collectors should consider that they will not be impartial if they have an interest in the sale of the item.

In an appraisal, the art expert will examine and identify the piece, and give a valuation. A formal report will be provided.

The valuation will be based on the expert’s knowledge of the regional and international market and informed by their professional networks and attendance at fairs, auctions and galleries.

Appraisals need to be conducted regularly to reflect current trading conditions. Some consultants offer a subscription fee to cover this recurring cost.

Numerous professional bodies govern appraisals. Look out for appraisals that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of The Appraisal Foundation and the Appraisal Report Writing Standard and Code of Ethics of the International Society of Appraisers.

Art Consultant Fees

Art consultant fees vary widely between professionals and whether they’re a consultancy, advisory, brokerage or art dealer.

Fees may be structured on time, a percentage of the artwork cost, a fixed fee, a retainer or a negotiated commission amount.

A consultant will discuss their fee structure with a client before commencing work. Clients should expect a consultant to be fully transparent about their fee.

They may charge differently for different services – a private sale may have a fixed fee whereas a valuation may be based upon an hourly rate for example.

Art Consultant Fees

Some consultants may work on a cost-recovery basis – the increase in value in a work derived through sound consultancy will cover their sales fees. In comparison, galleries and dealers may charge the seller a commission, or add a percentage fee to sale prices.

Auction houses charge both a buyers and a sellers premium, which may vary by the auction house, country or department.

Some consultants work in partnership with dealers or auction houses, and so may have a vested interest in certain sales.

Collectors may prefer to look for an Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) member, who will be required to be independent, or other consultants who act independently.

These consultants always work in their clients’ best interests; they will not accept a commission or other payments from anyone other than the client.

It’s vital to speak to a shortlist of consultants before committing. This will ensure that the best balance of expertise and value is reached.

Final Thoughts

Art Consultancy is a term that covers a broad range of activity – and there is a consultant available to assist with every requirement.

Service level ranges from fully dedicated collection management, where the consultant handles the majority of the development of a collection, to dealers who provide showcases of art through their galleries.

There is also a wide range of specialist areas, so it’s possible to find an expert advisor whether a collector has a broad interest or a niche one.

Finally, consultancy outcomes vary too, with specialisms ranging from interior design to high-value investments.

But most of all, art consultancy exists to support clients in that most enjoyable activity – art collecting!

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